Vinnie Cerrato Resigns

Holy shit.  I haven’t been that excited by a sports headline since “Redskins Rehire Joe Gibbs.”  Seriously.  Wow.  Dancing in the streets to commence.

Is it a sop to the fans?  Sure.  Is he being set up as the fall guy for Synder’s meddling?  Absolutely.  Do Redskins fans give a hit about that?  Fuck no.  Cerrato became the most reviled symbol of the lickspittle yes-man front office the ‘Skins have had in place since Gibbs left.  So what does it mean going forward?

It means the Redskins will finally hire a GM.  Look for a strong push for Holmgren, and failing that, one of the other big names like Shanahan.  They’ll get the football duties, in a similar fashion to Marty Schottenheimer’s deal in the early parts of Snyder’s reign.  The difference now, I believe, is that Snyder’s ego has been sufficiently punched down in the intervening years that he’s ready to let an expert run the team.  The past season has to have been the absolute worst possible for Dan, who, whether you think he’s a little Napoleon or not, absolutely loves this team, and his heart dies a little more with every loss. 

Will we win a Super Bowl soon?  The odds are against it.  But, I can guarantee that we won’t be a six-ring circus of idiocy anymore.  Hopefully, anyway.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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