Five Things for Friday, 10/30

1.  I got a call from my brother’s wife yesterday.  I let the machine get it, because 1) I hate talking on the phone, 2) I don’t particularly like her, and 3) I am not particularly close to my brother.  She of course called back again today while I was working and left a message on the machine in that snotty tone of voice people get when they feel like you should have gotten back to them.  I guess she doesn’t know that I don’t give a flying fuck about peripheral people, and that I don’t feel any kind of obligation to return phone calls.  Maybe it’s impolite to not return calls.  Fine, I am im-fucking-polite.  I could be a hell of a lot worse.

2.  My wonderful wife ended up talking to her today, which eases my burden immensely.  She found out that my uncle that died last year actually killed himself in a rather disturbing and sad and pathetic way.  I was surprised, really, but at the same time not very much – he was always a high-strung pretty weird dude.  I also found out my grandfather died last year as well.  Putting the two together, me and the world say: no great loss.

3.  I got mad at petty bullshit at work today.  Film at 11.

4.  Struggling with the 5 things today.  And it all started out so well.

5.  Football blah blah Redskins blah blah bitch moan etc.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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