Five Things for Monday, September 28th

1.  Being right doesn’t make it better.  Losing to the goddamn Lions is a disgrace, even if it is inevitable.  Jim Zorn might have been an OK offensive coordinator, maybe, but he’s a bad head coach.  I don’t fault him for going for it on 4th down at the one, but taking a penalty on what would have been 4th down is stupid in every way.  People are saying their season is over, but it ended last week against the Rams.  They alienated the fanbase, put doubts in their heads, and the head coach is losing the team.  Mike Shanahan or Jon Gruden?  Bill Cowher?  Who will be the ‘Skins coach in 2010?  I predict Mike Shanahan.

2.  I don’t like competing against my wife.  We played against each other in this week in fantasy football.  I don’t want to win and beat my wife at anything.  I’d rather lose in every case.  I never understand the couples that play games against each other and talk trash and mock their spouse or significant other, even in fun.  Both my wife and I would rather lose if we’re playing each other.  I guess that’s what being supportive is.

3.  Sometimes I feel upset at my own laziness.  Every week as the weekend approaches, I think about getting new work shirts, or buying the furniture we want for the living room, or writing something, or a million other things.  Most times, I stay at home and play video games.  I like it because I’m doing it with my wife and enjoying being at home with our dogs, but at the same time I feel like a lazy ass.  This weekend, I will do at least one productive thing.  It’s a start.

4.  It’s very weird when you meet people and have a quick connection with them, at least for me, since I am usually very standoffish (but working at being better at being open and willing to speak my mind).  It’s only happened a handful of times where I meet someone, hang out, and really enjoy their company and feel relaxed around them.  My closest friend was like that – walked up to him at the airport (after knowing him online for a couple years through MMORPGs) and just connected – even happened that way in the game.  Recently, I’ve met a trio of siblings that, in each case, the same thing has happened.  It’s odd to me.  Maybe there is something to the name.

5.  I like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, but I think I liked the first one better.  I don’t care for the heal mechanic since it’s impossible for me to figure out who the hell is who when I’m trying to heal.  The Fusion mechanic is interesting, but I liked the solo ones from the first game better (SWEEEEEEET CHRISTMAS!).  The graphics are incredibly superior, but I am constantly losing track of who I am in the game – which is bad when you are playing Ms. Marvel and you keep getting confused between Iron Fist, Venom, and Luke Cage.  I liked the multiple alternate costumes in the first one better, as well as the ability for individual heroes to have their own items, as opposed to the Team Boosts in the second.  It’s still a fun game, I will definitely want my own copy, but I’m not sure that I’ll play it as much as the first game.  I played it a lot this weekend, and it induced in me a strong desire to throw in the first one.  The simulator mission in Asgard – just absolutely busting ass against a horde of trolls – might just need to fire it up.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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