3 Random Things That Make Me Happy

A semi-recurring post I have here is Three Minutes’ Hate, which is semi-recurring since I only seem to be able to semi-regularly post.  I was thinking today about a small, random event that nevertheless made me disproportionately happy.  This isn’t a list of more obvious things that make me happy – seeing my darling wife for lunch made me very happy, but then again it should, right?  Therefore, this post is for more uncommon things that give me much more joy than their happening would otherwise seem.

Coming back from work and getting your parking space again.  I park in an underground garage below my building, and since I get here relatively early I get a good spot.  Leaving for lunch, however, generally relegates you to the lowest depths, where green murky water collects in noisome pools and the furtive shiftings of the rats as they organize an ambush drives you mad with fear and anticipation.  But when you come back and your space is open, a beautiful blank space awaiting your return like a faithful hound – especially when you park in the same spot nearly every day – is like winning the Minor League Lottery.  It puts a jaunty bounce in my step as I walk through the lot, smug and powerful in my retained-parking-spothood.

Going to ProFootballTalk.com in the afternoon of a work day, and realizing that every headline on the front page is something you haven’t read yet.  It’s like a mini-lunch.  Just knowing that I could have up to ten minutes of reading material, all new to me, makes me hesitate clicking the button to see the articles.  After all, if I wait just another minute, maybe 5 more articles will appear!  I could have 15 minutes of material!

Huey Lewis and the News.  I don’t know why or how.  I can’t explain it.  Hearing the songs that were campy two years before they were released gives me an odd feeling of joy.  I know.  Totally Kevin Spacey.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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