Random Thoughts

I didn’t have enough on my mind on any single subject to do anything in depth, but I did want to at least post something this week.  Here are some random thoughts on subjects that had occured to me this week.

Celebrity Deaths. I was saddened to hear about Farrah Fawcet’s death.  Part of me knew it was inevitable, due to her condition, and yet it was still incredibly disheartening when it happened.  Michael Jackson’s death, however, was just the opposite – strange and out of nowhere.  It got me thinking, though, about celebrities, and especially music artists, who die early.  Many of them are venerated far above where they had been in life, like Kurt Cobain, as if their death gave them the ability to be less suseptible to criticisms like how overrated their bands and sound were.  With Jackson, I had the feeling that, if he could have known in advance how and when he would die, he might have chosen to die younger, before the child molestation scandals, before the pure-drenched weirdness that his life became.  It’s a shame really, to fly so high and yet fall so low.  But like someone said about Icarus, “at least he flew.”

Writing. A very funny article about writing time by J. Robert lennon, a professor at Cornell University.  This morning, I almost got out of the shower, thinking I was done, when all I had done was wash my hair.  I was working at the time, trying to finish plotting through my zombie story that hopefully lurch back from the dead soon.  Via Slate.com.

Brett Favre. Oh, I am sick of him as you are (unless you are the farmer from Peru, in which case No tengo hoy consejos de jardinería).  He will be a Viking, absolutely.  I sincerely hopes that he fails them.  I really really do.  I want him to fail in such an epic fashion that the entire front office of the team is gutted.  I hate that guy.  I have for a long time.  I feel somewhat bad for feeling this way, since my good friend is a huge Vikings fan.  Ah fuck it, he’s used to them failing.  It’ll be just another season for him.

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Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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