My Apologies for the Silence

This one’ll be short, actually, not the short where I say this is going to be short and it ends up at 1,200 words which generally isn’t short by blog standards but is incredibly short by my standards, but more like the short that is short because it’s short. And yes it took me 48 words to say “this is short”, because I am still me, after all. Anyway, I wanted to say I’m sorry for the lack of updates and vitriol and whatnot. Life has been uber-crazy lately and my muse has decided to spend the last couple of months in Tahiti apparently. I probably won’t be watching The Walking Dead anymore, because the last 2 episodes I saw broke me. I will write up why at some point but I can’t even muster up the energy needed to do that yet, so it’ll appear at some point. I’ll be back to batshit-crazy-guy at some point. Promise.


Aravan, God of Transexuals

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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  1. We’re keeping the faith, and practicing your alcohol cure… 😉 Do what you need to do. You’re an arteest, after all. Rock on!

  2. All hail Aravan!!!!

  3. Yeah, I keep checking back here looking for posts! Today was to search and see if you’ve ever mentioned at all.

  4. You really should try the third episode of season 3. It restored my faith in the series by showing a group of survivors refreshingly more intelligent than the main characters. They look like they’re going to become Gallant to Team Grimes’ Goofus, which shows that the writers are conscious of the main characters’ stupidity.

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