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Five Things for Monday, 10/19

1.  The Redskins, as predicted, lost again, this time to the pathetic Chiefs.  Watching the slow-motion disintegration of my team is just depressing.  The quarterback is benched, and the backup has 30 seconds, down 6, for a miracle win.  Instead, he just gets sacked in the end zone for a safety, game over.  At least he didn’t draw out the suffering.  The coach is relieved of his play-calling duties, which leaves him even more of a lame duck.  Now what?  I’ll tell you: a loss next week, in humiliating fashion, on prime-time Monday night.  Are you ready for some football scrimmage practice embarrassment?

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Short One for Friday, 10/16

I missed a non-weekend day of posting for the first time yesterday, grrrr.  I will make this brief.  I hate budget time.  I am not too sure about my new boss.  Chris Samuels will retire (I predict) and the Skins will end up around 5-11.  It’s the weekend, and HOT DAMN.

Five Things – Wednesday 10/14

1.  Busy day.  A lot of work got done.  I did manage to blow up a wee bit on my boss’ boss, and I ended up asking a bit forcefully when the Accounting department was going to be informed that there was an additional position to be filled in 2010, since we had to deal with the salary and related areas like pension and company contributions to Social Security and Medicare for budgetary purposes.  A whole lot of wind later I got a “my bad”.  Then I worked out (200 pushups, thanks sir!) and was too tired to care.

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Five Things on Tuesday 10/13

1.  Comment redacted.

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Five Things for Monday, 10/12

1.  The Redskins lost, of course, as I said they would.  I’ve been correct every week so far if they would win or lose.  Not sure that’s such a great thing.  Having your team become a national laughingstock due to the owner’s clueless tactics, the head coach’s clueless coaching, and the players’ inability to get out of their own (as well as errant punts) way is particularly embarrassing and galling.  Hail to the Redskins!

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Five Things for Friday, 10/9

1.  I can’t stand people who laugh incessantly at their own “jokes” or “funny” stories.  They can’t even get the words out because they are SO FUNNY!  Drives me right up the wall.  Yes, I am talking about you, Kay.

2.  In this rant, a non-Redskins fan calmly and clearly eviserated every shred of hope any Redskins fan might still be harboring under Dan Snyder.  I don’t agree with everything, but he is dead on with so much of it.  Much to my chagrin.

3.  This made me laugh out loud this morning.  Thank you, Onion.

4.  Having an office door that one can close when co-workers annoy the shit out of you is a wonderful way so stop homocidal urges.

5.  It’s Friday!  WOOOOHOOOOOOO!

Five Things for Thursday, 10/8

1.  I have an awesome wife, whose depth of caring and empathy for people and animals surprises me and warms my heart every day.  She is so full of love and giving that it can sometimes hurt her, especially when she sees or thinks about the abuse that people can wreak on each other and defenseless animals.  She makes my heart swell with love when I hear about her stopping her car and helping turtles cross the road on the way to work, or checking on dogs that she passes regularly.  She does all of these things because she can’t ignore them, and I am proud and full of love for her because of it.  She humbles me, and I feel a little bad that I don’t have the same empathy for my fellow man that she does (I love animals, but people – bleh).  But I figure if I can give her enough love and support to help her love and support the rest of the world, then it’s a job well done.

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I generally can’t stand consultants.  They get called in when there is an issue, say whatever it is the person who is paying them wants to hear, collects ridiculous sums of money, and then disappears without having solved anything but helped whoever hired them look like they were doing something.  My favorite consulting story involves a consultant telling the company that hired them that they needed to hire her full-time and pay her a lot of money.  Of course they did, and the rest is a history chock full of ridiculous overspending and horrible management.  So when your favorite football team hires a consultant mid-season to help with the offense?  Oy. Read the rest of this entry

Five Things for Tuesday, 10/6

1.  I don’t believe in the Broncos.  Well, I believe they exist, unlike god, but I don’t believe they are very good.  I firmly believe that the Patriots will shred them apart this weekend.  The Josh McDaniels Offense is a joke – neither Brandon Marshall nor Eddie Royal can get involved in their games.  I also think the Bengals are paper tigers (ba-dum-bum).

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Five Short Things for Monday, 10/5

1.  Work sucks.

2.  The Redskins won.  Their punter is hurt.

3.  They won’t win next week as Carolina “rights the ship” after their bye week.

4.  I want to see Zombieland.

5.  I’m glad the workday is nearly over.