Five Things for Monday, Sept 21

1.  What an annoying day.  Woke up discombobulated and running late, hit horrible traffic due to running late, got to work and discovered that I didn’t have my garage or building pass.  Did fantasy football scoring, discovering that people didn’t send me their roster updates, then tried to put in players they don’t even have.  Had to explain for the 5th time in 2 days what is happening with a person’s 401(k) loan deduction to the person who transmits it, who keeps saying “OK” when I’m done explaining it only to ask me again later.  Turns out that what I did was wrong because he didn’t catch it the first time through, and all the shit that I’ve done with it for the last month and a half was wrong because everyone has their heads up their asses.  So a good Monday.

2.  I predicted Friday that the Redskins would win by double-digits for the first time in over a year.  I was wrong, of course, since they didn’t even score double digits.  They won, but that may have been the worst win I can remember.  It felt a lot more like a loss, that’s for damn sure.  4 possessions inside the 10-yard line.  3 field goals.  The Redskins are rapidly becoming the worst possible type of franchise: boring and irrelevant, like the Texans 4 years ago.

3.  I fully expect the Redskins to lose to the Lions on Sunday.  It’s too typical for the ‘Skins.

4.  If I didn’t get to work out at lunch, I may have punched someone in the face today.  Or murdered them in the face.  Whichever.

5.  I actually am gearing up more and more to wanting to start a fantasy tabletop campaign.  I have for a while, but it is becoming more insistent.  I would also love to play the old Vampire campaign again, even if I had to change characters.  But I am beginning to think I would like to run or play something regularly.

About Alan Edwards

Former cancer caregiver. Husband of the most magical and amazing person who ever lived.

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